Welcome to Universe Gong®

Universe Gong® is a Gong Trianing with its own Planetary Gong Factory, created by Gong-Master and Gong-Maker Miguel Lourenço (Portugal).

We produce Planetary Gongs and others maked in Niquel-Silver with different sizes and tunes.

Despite the courses with Don Conreaux, our seminars are neither a copy nor a replica of GMT promoted by him, near a copy of others Gong Masters. We have our line!!!!

In Portugal, almost all of the Gong Masters were formed by us, in 2019 we formed about 50 new Gong Masters and by 2020 we expect to double this number, not only for the quality of the training offered, as well as the amount of Gongs present in each training, with a higher average per training than any other country or training in the world.

As a matter of curiosity, in the "photos" section you can see the Largest Gong of Portugal (1.65 mt and 40 Kg) that was manufactured in our factory, but more importantly, besides the first ones, we are the only ones with Certified Training in this area in Portugal.

If you have one Gong and you want use it with more benefits. Or you havený any gong and you want learn. Welcome to Universe Gong® !

We oppened our factory of Gongs in Portugal

Seminar in English 2020 (Portugal)